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Veranstaltung: Amplify the voice of the voiceless

Freitag, Dezember 25th, 2015


With this slogan we will host our next information event at Café Cralle. It is part of the project of the International Women Space (IWS) and we would like to bond with this slogan. To often politics is made without the people also in radical left politics and the persons concerned will never be heard or asked. So we want to hear the stories and experiences of refugee women. Some of the stories and experiences were collected during a project of the IWS and published within a book for the first time in November 2015. After an introduction of the IWS there is a reading of the book “IN OUR OWN WORDS/ IN UNSEREN EIGENEN WORTEN” with a discussion afterwards.

Together we will talk about the book and possibilities of different strategies to connect our struggles. The Event will take place in th english language. A whisper translation (ger/english) is possible. For other translations please contact us via hwvw[at]

About the IWS:

“We are a group of migrant and refugee women coming to Germany from former colonised countries as well as women without that experience coming together to build a base and a common struggle against the effects of Fortress Europe.”

Do. | 07.01.16 | 20 Uhr | Café Cralle | Hochstädterstr. 10a

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