“Hands off Wedding” is an alliance of different people who do not agree with the developments in this district. We can see how our home Wedding is constantly changing. However, all these changes often take place without the explicit consent of the people who live in this neighbourhood. This is what we want to change. We are Wedding. We want to determine by ourselves what is happening in our streets, in our parks and in our homes. All others should keep their hands off Wedding! Below are our ideas and conceptions for a better living-together in Wedding.

We do not let ourselves be suppressed and separated by racism!

There are many reasons why people come to Germany. Some come voluntarily or to seek work. Others come because they have to flee from wars and crises. But instead of a better life, they often face rejection and racism. Racism has many facets. It manifests itself as street violence against all people who are not perceived as “German”. For example, there were attacks on refugee camps or smear campaigns against Roma and Muslims. But also the authorities and the housing market cultivate their kind of racism. Often there are racist police controls on the roads and railway stations. We believe that every form of racism can be combated. We support the struggle against “Residenzpflicht”, against prison-like refugee camps, against deportations and against the denial of fundamental human rights to humans. Together, we can all fight for a decent life.

A stop of all rent increases is possible

All people should be free to choose how and where they want to live. No one else should have the ability to restrict this decision. We do not want to endure any more rent increases and renovations against our will. Everybody who needs and wants a shome should also receive one. Flats are the spaces for which we are fighting. We will not let ourselves be repressed and evicted. We call to defend ourselves against those profit-oriented landlords and homeowners!

Solidarity can change everything 
Racism and social exclusion are not abstract problems. There are evictions every day and people are controlled by the police solely because of their appearance. But those who do take action against such circumstances are often even being prosecuted themselves. But we must not be intimidated any longer – neither by the state and it’s police nor by the property owners. We want to take our lives into our own hands and determine for ourselves what is happening in our neighborhoods. But to do so and to be successful, we must unite and support each other. If we help our neighbours, friends and colleagues, we can solve every obstacle together. This is genuine solidarity against exclusion and repression.

A better perspective

Parliaments and parties cannot help us. A real change can only be achieved by us. That’s why we organise “from below”. We are not interested in people who have money, power or prestige. We want to cooperate with and help anyone who faces exactly the same problems as we do. Whether you have trouble with the job center, face social exclusion or racism or whether you want to defend yourself against rising rents or evictions: only together we can work out an alternative to the crap around us. If we unite, we can shout out our anger with a unified and loud voice.
Let us organize in our workplaces, in our homes, in our neighbourhoods!
Let us organize to declare war on social exclusion!
Our vision is an anti-capitalist perspective which brings an end to state violence and exploitation. A life of peace, freedom and self-determination is our dignified alternative to the present conditions. Our goals may sound far away. But step by step we will reach them.